Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The cutest snowman EVER!

I think this is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen. So I thought... a very cute Christmas card:) I wish dad would have been in the picture, but who would take it then? I love how they are kissing their adorable & colorful new friend. I bet they were sad when he melted away.

I am so excited... over 500 cards that I've designed will go out this year with my logo on the back:)


  1. LOVE IT! You're right...too bad someone else wasn't there to take his pic, but the girls are much cuter anyway :)

    500 Kristi? That is sooooo awesome! I'm super excited for you!

  2. I wish I would have know about your creations before making my own cards at Walmart! These are so stinkin cute!! I love them! Please keep them up for next year because you can count me in for an order! Congrats on such a great job:)

  3. Oh, yes. The goal is to have my website up and running by October next year.

    Thanks Megan for checking out my blog:)

  4. I absolutely love this card Kristi! You do an awesome job!